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Social Sector Leaders, Inside and Outside of Schools, Foster a Successful, Socially Just World.

In the U.S., over 100K principals lead public schools that serve 50M students.

2M non-profit organizations address the needs of our communities, cities and country.

School Leaders Need Support

 Social Sector Leaders Need Support

Among all factors that contribute to student learning, the role of the school leader is second only to that of teachers. In high-poverty schools, the school leader’s impact is nearly two times that of well-funded schools.


24 out of 25 teachers report leadership as the #1 determinant of their own longevity at a given school.

Up to 50% of principals resign by their third year.

The majority of non-profit leaders are not confident their organizations prioritize or have the ability to develop staff.

Many are missing talent management systems, such as effective coaching, goal-setting, training and experiences.


68% of leaders intend to leave their positions in under 5 years.

One in four senior leaders leaves their position within 2 years.


Only 30% of senior leadership positions are filled via internal promotion (half the rate of for-profits!).

Just like the mightiest trees,

social sector leaders are complex and essential organisms in our world. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 4.46.07 PM.png

Roots are foundational to every living being,


Roots are critical to our very existence, to our

personal and professional thriving, to our flourishing. 


We must fully understand what grounds us, and ensure

our roots are deeply and routinely nourished. 


Leveraging Leaders waters your roots. 


Explore your identities, influences, and inspirations. 

Amplify your effectiveness and impact.
Boost your management skills.
Achieve your goals.
Navigate critical inflection points.

Trunks represent our core values, experiences and practices.

Branches and leaves generate the fruits of our work.


Outer trunks withstand conditions and changing seasons.

Inner trunks develop patterned rings of learning and growth. 


As branches lengthen and leaves unfold,

flowers bloom and fruits ripen.


Leveraging Leaders provides air and light

to your trunk, branches and leaves. 


Develop your team and board.
Plan strategically for the future.
Draft and refine policies and protocols.
Evaluate/improve programs.

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